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Precast Garages Scotland
Concrete Double Garages in Scotland

How concrete double garages can boost the value of homes in Scotland

Thinking of adding a garage to your property in southern Scotland? Consider a spacious, prefabricated concrete garage. Not only will you gain a safe haven for your vehicles and belongings, but you could also potentially unlock added value for your home. A double garage makes for a great asset, especially in areas where on-street parking …


Prefabricated Concrete Garages

First home, big dreams in southern Scotland!

How prefabricated concrete garages are unlocking space for first time buyers. So you’ve bought your first home – congratulations! Excitement bubbles, but reality quickly sets in: limited storage can cramp your style. But don’t worry, because this is where Precast Garages Scotland come in. From Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Livingston to Clydebank, refabricated concrete garages …


Garage Builders Glasgow

A leading garage builders in Glasgow

As leading garage builders in Glasgow, we have outstanding expertise in constructing concrete garages, as well as outbuildings such as sheds, workshops and garden rooms. We erect prefabricated buildings that will serve you well for generations. In Glasgow, garage builders are many, but few have the experience and knowhow that the Precast team have gained …


New Year - new garage!

New Year: new garage!

If your new year’s resolution is to improve your home with a new garage, workshop or garden room, talk to the professionals, talk to Precast Garages Scotland! When it comes to top-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing prefabricated concrete garages in southern Scotland, we are one of the leading providers. Serving areas that include Edinburgh, Glasgow, …


Purpose Built Concrete Garage

Complete your home with a purpose-built concrete garage

Transforming your house into a home involves more than just the interior decor; it extends to the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space. One excellent way in which people enhance and complete their homes is by investing in concrete garages, ask any of our customers. In Scotland, Precast Garages offer a versatile solution that …


Apex Garage Building Scotland

Apex garages – the perfect addition to the homes of Southern Scotland!

Are you a homeowner in southern Scotland, seeking to enhance your property with a practical and great-looking garage? Look no further! Precast Garages Scotland are proud to present our remarkable Apex garages range, which complements the architectural style of homes from Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Livingston to Falkirk to Clydebank. Our Apex pitched roof concrete …


Double Garage Building Scotland

A great range of double garages, available right here in southern Scotland!

When it comes to expanding your property’s storage space or protecting your valuable family cars, a double garage is often the perfect solution. And those looking for top-quality double garages in southern Scotland – whether Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston or Falkirk – invariably turn to Precast Garages, a trusted name in the industry. What sets Precast …


Concrete Garages in Scotland since 2019

Four years on, our reputation continues to soar!

Founded in 2019 by the people behind the highly reputed Garage Door Company, Precast Garages Scotland has rapidly earned an outstanding reputation for its high-quality work and for the professionalism of our advisers and installers. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our agenda, so that for concrete garages across southern Scotland – in Edinburgh, …


Lean-To Garages Scotland

The lean-to garages range from Precast Garages Scotland

In southern Scotland, lean-to garages – forming an extension to the house and with their simple sloping roof draining to one side – are a sought-after addition to many homes. They suit most house styles and feature a state-of-the-art advanced fibre cement roof, with 5″-profile roof sheets which are up to 20% thicker than those …


Apex Garages Range

The Precast Garages Scotland Apex garages range

Apex garages are traditionally shaped concrete garages featuring a pitched roof – have proved very popular over the years. Designed to complement most house styles and incorporating a thick concrete panel, strong fibre cement roof sheets and a smart roof design, we’ve built many Apex garages in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Falkirk and right across  in …