So why are prefabricated concrete garages the best type?

Precast Garages Scotland

Precast Garages Scotland builds durable concrete garages across southern Scotland, competing in terms of value and quality with brick builds and other options.

There are four basic garage types. So which is for you? Let’s take a look at the options and see why we believe prefabricated concrete garages are the best option in southern Scotland.

Brick garages are known for their longevity and for the the way in which they blend in with the architectural style of the houses they belong to. However, they take a while to plan, they require difficult-to-obtain Planning Permission and they’re expensive to build.

So what about block garages? Concrete blocks certainly provide a more cost-effective solution than a brick build, and they’re durable, too. But they really need to be finished with rendering or cladding to bring their appearance up to scratch, which is time-consuming and adds to their overall cost. That’s why across southern Scotland – from Glasgow to Edinburgh, from Kilmarnock to Dundee and beyond – sectional concrete garages are generally chosen over block garages.

Timber garages make for a natural-looking – and let’s face it, attractive – building. With the right maintenance programme, these can also be a durable option. However, timber garages do require regular upkeep to prevent rot and pest infestation, and that inevitably means higher ongoing costs and potentially time-consuming DIY.

We believe that in southern Scotland concrete sectional garages, with their pre-fabricated concrete panels, represent one of the most durable options and are certainly the most economical and low-maintenance way to go. They rarely require Planning Permission (we’ll be happy to run a post code check on your property for you) and they’re assembled in no time at all. And if you’re concerned they might lack the aesthetic appeal of brick, take a look at our range of styles and finishes – you’ll be surprised.

For more information, get in touch today. We’ll be pleased to answer all your questions, check your post code to confirm there’s no Planning Permission requirement and give you a no-obligation quote.

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