The importance of a good concrete garage base

Precast Garages Scotland

Ensuring concrete garages in southern Scotland have solid foundations is essential to their longevity and stability. At Concrete Garages Scotland, from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Livingston to Clydebank, we offer to lay a concrete foundation as part of our installation service. However, if you choose to do it yourself, there are a number of things to bear in mind.

All concrete garages in rainy southern Scotland, as indeed elsewhere, necessitate a permanent and sturdy concrete base of adequate thickness, with a recommendation of approximately 4 or 5 inches minimum throughout. It’s crucial that the base is flat, level, and square to provide optimal support. If you opt for self-preparation, we advise extending the base dimensions by at least 6 inches on all sides to accommodate any errors in squareness. To ensure squareness, it’s essential to measure the diagonals, which should be equal. For those utilising our base laying service, rest assured that the base will precisely match the dimensions of the supplied building.

The surrounding ground should be lower than the base, to prevent water accumulation, which could potentially seep into the building. In instances where the driveway slopes towards the front of the building, the provision of a gulley may be necessary, to divert surface water away. This is particularly important in southern Scotland, where prefabricated concrete garages are bound to be erected in an region of relatively high rainfall.

If you do it yourself, we recommend enlisting the services of a reputable ready-mix concrete company to accurately determine the required concrete quantity. Additionally, if your concrete garage is situated near existing structures or boundary walls, factor in roof overhang and gutter width to prevent any encroachment issues.

By adhering to these guidelines, our concrete garages customers across southern Scotland, in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Clydebank and elsewhere, can rest assured that their prefabricated buildings will have a solid foundation, ensuring durability and structural integrity for years to come.

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