Insulating your garage floor – what you’ll need and the steps to take

Precast Garages Scotland

We offer a wide range of sectional concrete garages throughout southern Scotland. Here’s some advice on floor insulation for those converting their garages.

This is a brief overview of the steps you’ll need to take. You’ll find plenty of more detailed instructions and tutorials on the Internet, but of course we recommend that if you’re not completely confident, you should engage professional help! We have many years of supplying and assembling concrete garages across southern Scotland – from Glasgow to Edinburgh, from Kilmarnock to Dundee – and we find that most of our customers who convert their garages have the floor insulated by experts. However, if you’re wondering what’s involved, these are the steps you’ll need to take.

First of all, prepare your garage: clear the floor of all items and give it a good sweep to remove all debris and dust. Then lay a damp-proof membrane (DPM) on the bare floor and turn it up the wall; you’ll be able to trim it to finished floor height later.

Measure and prepare rigid foam insulation boards, using a straightedge and a wood saw to cut and trim the boards to fit the floor area precisely. You’ll need to leave a small expansion gap around the edges. Bring a slim piece up level to the proposed finished floor height around the entire perimeter – this will prevent what’s known as cold bridging. Then, either lay floor boards on the insulation or apply an approximately 50mm thick concrete screed directly on top of the insulation boards.

Once the insulation and flooring are in place, you’re ready to cover your new floor with whatever suits the purpose of your converted garage – vinyl, a carpet, rubber matting? For additional insulation, it might be worth your while to insulate the garage door, too, and you’ll almost certainly want to insulate the walls. In any case, insulating your garage floor can be a useful and satisfying project, if you do it properly and take the right advice, following applicable safety guidelines.

Precast Garages Scotland are a reliable supplier and builder of sectional concrete garages in southern Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, from Kilmarnock to Dundee, and beyond. We lay concrete bases too, but, subject to survey, we’re often able to assemble new concrete garages on existing bases; our surveys are free of charge and free of obligation.

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