Should I insulate my garage floor?

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We offer a comprehensive range of prefabricated concrete garages across southern Scotland. Here, we respond to a common question regarding floor insulation.

We’re often asked whether it’s advisable to insulate the floors of concrete garages. If you’re planning to convert your concrete garage into a recreational, work or living space, then insulating the concrete floor is indeed a step you may wish to take. After all, a well-insulated garage floor will help prevent unwanted moisture, regulate temperature and help create a pleasant and useable indoor space.

So, whatever you’re planning to convert your garage into – be it a workshop, gym, summer house or garden office – insulating the concrete floor is an advisable and relatively easy step to take. Owners of concrete garages in southern Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, from Kilmarnock to Dundee, are increasingly getting aboard this trend.

Concrete floors, when not insulated, tend to negatively affect the ambient temperature, making the space chilly in winter or too warm in summer. Floor insulation provides a thermal barrier, retaining heat during winter and keeping the space cool in summer. There’s the issue of moisture to consider, too. Concrete is porous, so that it can absorb moisture from the ground below, or damp can seep through cracks. Moisture ingress can result in mould development or concrete degradation, leading to potential damage to stored items as well as an uncomfortable and unhealthy damp ambiance. This is true of garages of all types, whether brick builds, timber or sectional concrete garages. Floor insulation helps prevent moisture reaching the surface.

If your garage is attached to your home – in southern Scotland concrete garages are often the lean-to type with a door straight into the house – then an insulated garage floor will almost certainly contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. If your garage is well insulated, it will help regulate the temperature of the adjacent rooms. Moreover, floor insulation is a useful contributor to noise insulation.

A final note: if you insulate the floor, it’ll probably make sense to insulate the door and walls too!

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