The Precast Garages Scotland Range: Concrete Garages

Precast Garages Scotland

Do you know how many concrete garages in southern Scotland have the same longevity as brick-built garages? Pretty much all of them! That’s right, you’ll find that the concrete garages we’ve built in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Falkirk and across southern Scotland are as durable and watertight as brick-built ones that require longwinded planning applications and expensive architects’ plans.

Concrete garages are quite literally here to stay, such is their quality and such are the savings. Sectional concrete garages cost about half of what their brick counterparts cost, yet they stand the test of time and you still get to choose from an impressive options menu. UPVC window frames, double-glazing and electrically powered garage doors are all available.

Before building a brick garage, after you’ve paid your expensive architect, you generally have to spend a shocking amount of time and money on the planning process. That’s frequently not the case when you opt for concrete garages. For concrete garages, planning approval is generally not required. If you give us a call, we’ll be pleased to run a check on your particular postcode.

When you buy a concrete garage, you don’t need to pay architects’ fees. We’ll listen to your requirements and we’ll convert your ideal garage design from imagination into reality. Great concrete garages await you across the region.

Concrete garages currently take just a few days to build, despite the care we take at every stage and despite our insistence on attention to detail.

So, for concrete garages in southern Scotland, in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Falkirk or beyond, contact the true concrete garages specialists: contact Precast Garages Scotland! Call us on 0800 038 5825 or 01563 590010, or drop us a line at We look forward to advising you!