The lean-to garages range from Precast Garages Scotland

Precast Garages Scotland

In southern Scotland, lean-to garages – forming an extension to the house and with their simple sloping roof draining to one side – are a sought-after addition to many homes. They suit most house styles and feature a state-of-the-art advanced fibre cement roof, with 5″-profile roof sheets which are up to 20% thicker than those of many competitors. We’ve added value and day-to-day convenience to a substantial number of homes by building lean-to garages across our region. The practical design and smart simplicity of this type of garage are ageless.

Judging by demand from many of our customers, lean-to garages are amongst the most sought-after precast buildings on the market. From Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Livingston to Falkirk – right across southern Scotland – lean-to garages have become a popular form of home extension.

The simple yet clever design, together with the way in which they are a physically integral part of the house, has made lean-to garages a favourite. In lean-to garages homeowners, throughout the regions in which Precast Garages Scotland operate, have discovered a new, stylish and practical way to extend their homes.

The merits of lean-to garages speak for themselves and any of our basic shapes can be provided as a lean-to, whilst there’s also a huge selection of doors to enhance your property.

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